Friday, 20 July 2018

What Should You Look Forward to From Your Car Service?

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If you are car usage is almost on a daily basis, you should understand how important it is to take its care and maintenance. After all, it is a machine and will require necessary Car Service in Kew to make sure that it keeps on performing flawlessly while giving you the optimum driving experience.

There are different types of services that a car may need according to its condition. To avail the right service that your car actually needs, it is best to find a reliable mechanic who is efficient enough to find out the issue and cater related service to enable you with a car in the condition like before.

If you opt for the Car Service in Kew, the professional mechanics will have broadly categorised into two parts:

1) Minor Service

This focuses on changing and topping up the fluids in addition to checking over numerous elements to ensure that they are working properly. The minor service involves inspecting the wear and tear, replacing some worn out elements and testing the following aspects:

Oil and oil filter
Brakes and brake fluid
Air conditioning system
Steering and suspension
Windscreen wipers and washers
Spark plugs
Air filter

2) Major Service

A major Car Service in Kew involves servicing in depth. This includes:

Check and top up all fluids
Inspect the vehicle for safety issues
Check all external engine belts and hoses
Check tyres and pressures
Test the battery, cooling system and coolant condition
Replace the spark plugs
Repack all wheel bearings
Change all transmission oils 

Depending on your vehicle's requirement, a professional mechanic will carry out the repairs and service accordingly. But, it is also necessary that the mechanic is smart enough to identify the issues and provides you with the solutions at one go.

If you are in Kew and are in search of one such mechanic, look no further than AAA Automotive. Our team is proficient enough to carry out all types of repairs and service, regardless of it being simple or complex. To get a free quote on your car service, contact our team directly at 03 9899 6856 and get your car back in the perfect condition.

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